Our Services

Our integrated energy management services are tailored to the individual requirements of your business and span brokerage, portfolio management, bureau and billing services, financial and consumption reporting, through to CRC compliance and energy conservation. Please contact us to discuss how our extensive energy market experience can benefit your organisation.


Fixed, flexible and basketed approaches to pricing dependent on your risk management strategy, timed to minimise your exposure to wholesale price fluctuations.
Fixed Price Contracts
These are energy contracts for a fixed term at a known cost, providing greater budgeting certainty for the duration of your contract.
Flexible Priced Contracts
This enables you to buy energy periodically across the life of your contract at a time when market conditions are right for you, minimising your exposure to wholesale price fluctuations. Eneco will administer these contracts in line with an agreed risk and purchasing strategy tailored to your company’s requirements.
Basketed contracts
Group purchasing arrangements priced on a fixed or flexible basis and put together to bulk buy energy with the objective of individual members securing a lower contract price than they would on their own. Eneco can tailor fixed or flexible priced baskets for specific groups of clients based on their unique requirements. We do not offer generic baskets as we do not believe they are in our clients’ best interests.

Market Intelligence

Eneco keep you abreast of factors affecting the wholesale market and the many other aspects to your energy costs. We have longstanding relationships with all the UK’s energy suppliers, many of whom are specialist to the commercial sector. Whether you opt for fixed or flexible contracts, we will constantly monitor the market on your behalf to identify the optimum time to purchase. Eneco’s approach ensures you get the most competitive prices available. Contact us to discuss which pricing approach would best suit your company.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide a single point of contact during both the procurement process and the supply contract term to ensure attention to detail and ultimately the smooth management of your energy accounts. Our knowledgeable account managers are here to navigate the complexities of the energy industry on your behalf. If you have a query, contact us, we are here to help.
Portfolio management
Your account manager will collate full and accurate details for each meter point prior to tendering. Streamline and manage multi-site contracts: to save you administration time and increase your buying power.
Billing services
Bill checking, payment services, account reconciliation and supplier liaison to take the headache out of managing you supply accounts.
Market information, budgeting, billing, HH, CRC and bespoke reporting to enable planning and ensure compliance.
General energy consultancy
Reviews of authorised supply capacity, AMR, MOP, DC and DA arrangements, change of tenancy, new connections, shipperless gas meters. We ensure all aspects of your energy profile are arranged in the most cost-effective way for your organisation.

Energy conservation consultancy

We work with our clients to identify and eliminate periods of energy wastage and help track changes in energy consumption and performance. To find out how Eneco can help your organisation drive improvements in energy conservation, contact us for more information.

Eneco have an extremely high level of customer retention. Our team look after you throughout the term of your supply contract, saving you time, money and stress! There’s no charge to you for our services, we get paid at the end of the term of contract by the supplier. Crucially, we do not lock you into a contract direct with us – if you stay with us, it’s because you want to. We treat our clients with respect, keep you informed and behave with integrity at all times. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

Site audits
We build a detailed picture of your current patterns of usage through remote reporting, bill checking and most importantly by visiting and observing your sites and talking to the people responsible for the day to day running of your buildings. This helps to identify changes that could potentially lower consumption levels in both the short and long term.
Building energy management systems
These can be installed to regulate and monitor heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting on site. A building energy management system can efficiently control as much as 84% of a building’s energy usage and offers an excellent return on investment within a couple of years. By applying a range of control and monitoring routines the system is capable of operating the building services in strict accordance with demand, thereby avoiding unnecessary use of energy.
As part of a wider site audit, Eneco can advise you of your options for generating energy on your premises and the financial benefits of doing so.